Stone Soup Tangotopia

April 30-May 3, 2009 - Eugene, OR

New for 2009 - Flex pricing, no fixed price, at least for pre-enrollment. Pay the amount that is right for you! We've added staff and made arrangments to accommodate more "diners" come join us! There is even space for single followers!

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What is a Stone Soup tangotopia? Its a gathering of amazing talent to share, create, and inspire; its a collaborative event including dancing, classes, food, performances, music, and community building; its a new approach to tango gatherings that puts an emphasis on connection and personal development; its about as much tango fun and you can cram into 31/2 days! A world class staff including some of the best teachers currently working in tango, but selected specifically for their interest in collabortation, sharing, and supporting the development of tango in our respective communities. Its an amazing cconcentration of tango talent and we hope to attract strong dancers and tango explorers from all around the region!

Tangotopia? Well...the word festival has come to mean something pretty specific these days in North America, and while we love the festival scene, we want to be free of the expectation of this specific format. Perhaps we should call it a tango-you-topia, with the emphasis on you. There has long been an effort in Stone Soup to shift the role of participants from consumers to creators/collaborators and this shift in name reflects the further development of that goal. Want to help out? There is a on-line form for volunteer shifts!

concept, lessons, staff, schedule, community, guerilla tango, pricing/registration,sponsor, housing, questions ,attendees , maps, transport


With all these great teachers, why not offer a full schedule of classes? We have many such festivals, they are wonderful, but we want to create something different. Something that fosters a group dynamic with room for lots of personal attention and individual agendas. Private study is much more concentrated learning, and the opportunity to follow up with practice time and exchanging ideas with peers and teachers makes this concentrated learning even more effective. We also want to have a time and space where we can all interact together, instead of choosing one class over another. Having lessons in the practice space creates a nice group dynamic and a good working environment for those who want to practice. This year we have added the option of 25 minute lessons with practice time surrounding. See below for pricing or schedule/availability information. Lesson requests can be emailed to

concept, lessons, staff, schedule, community, guerilla tango, pricing/registration,sponsor, housing, questions ,attendees , maps, transport


Murat & Michelle, New York/DC - this guys are beautiful, gracious, and utterly delightful teachers, dancers and performers. Stone Soup has been graced by their deliciousness since 2007 and we are delighted to share their talent and spirit again this year.

Tova Moreno , Boston - Among the warmest most genuine tango people you'll meet. Tova has a very musical, grounded, engaging dance style. Equally comfortable with classic and contemporary styles, she inspires students with grace, and charm.

Korey & Mila - festival hosts, Korey & Mila are building a reputation world-wide as innovative, insightful teachers, and beautiful performers. They balance their time between North America, Europe, Moscow, and Buenos Aires which lends a remarkably international breadth to their teaching, dancing, and tango perspective.

Robin & Kyla - The Mayor of Tangoville and his lovely accompliss will once again join the Stone Soup festivities, Robin and Kyla are a fixture of North American tango life, as dancers, instructors, DJs community builders, these two are among the most precious of America's tango resources.

Mitra & Stefan - Founders of the Global Tango Mar Vista World Center for Tango Arts & Extremes, Mitra and Stefan have been a key component of the last two Stone Soup events. Their dedication to tango takes many forms and their creative and generous spirits reflect the essence of what Stone Soup aspires to.

Alex Krebs - A veteran teacher with a youthful spirit, remarkable bredth, depth, and clarity, and amazing success in producing top notch dancers and teachers, Alex is a role model for many in our tango world. A gifted musician and band leader, and the organizer of the remarkable "thing" Alex champions live music for dancers and provides a unique perspective to students of both dance and music.

Rebecca & Eric - Eagerly expanding the resources of social dancers while staying thoroughly grounded in tango's tradition, this couple brings tremendous energy and integriy to tango. Seperately, they've partnered some of this country's most renowned teachers, and together they offer a fresh, insightful perspective on the dance and an enthusiasm for the craft of teaching that promisses greatness.

Jenna Rohrbacher - Originally encountering tango in Eugene, Jenna returns to her tango home with a wealth of experience, having established herself as one of the most accomplished dancers on the west coast. Musical, sensitive, graceful, and intuitive, Jenna brings a delightful flavor to this year's soup!

Jennifer Olson - divides her time between Seattle, Portland, and a busy touring schedule. Her tremendous intuition for tango and her clear, down-to-earth communication have contributed to remarkable success as a tango professional.

Sean & Charity - this young couple have quickly become a corner stone of San Francisco's vibrant tango scene. They are fresh, smart, and devoted and have a way of brightening the room with their presence. We are very happy to have them illuminating Stone Soup once again.

Felipe Martinez, San Francisco/Spain, Felipe's clarity, impeccable technique, and easy charm make him a very welcome addition to the staff. He is one of a very few tango professionals who has professional training as an educator and he treats his work and students with the utmost integrity.

Burak Koyuncu, based in Madrid, Spain, Burak is an innovative and elegant dancer. His training in both music and learning methodologies has helped him to develop a unique style of teaching -- musical, creative and full of energy! We are thrilled he is bringing his unique skills and flavor to this year's soup.

In addition to our illustrious team of tango chefs, we are extremely forutnate this year to be assisted by a brigade of tango professionals who are lending their talents, knowledge, and generosity to make this year's event really special. These people are backbones of their local communities, tireless advocates for tango, and an amazing assest to the Stone Soup faculty: Steven Payne, Robert Hauk, Mike Tennant & Natalia Kolk, Mikas & Antje Kalinauskas, Wayne Chen, Henry Finklestien, Andrew Dugas, Jay Abling. Wow!

You: smart, diverse, generous, curious, and eager to develop tango in yourself and your community! Each of us has much to offer and much to learn. Let's share!

concept, lessons, staff, schedule, community, guerilla tango, pricing/registration,sponsor, housing, questions ,attendees , maps, transport


concept, lessons, staff, community, guerilla tango, pricing/registration,sponsor, housing, questions ,attendees , maps, transport
Community Cafe

In addition to sharing in the dance, and in the kitchen, we want to share ideas and experience to help nurture the development of tango in our region. We will share meals, experience, and ideas for growing tango. Many of our staff, and participants have a great deal of experience in organizing events, and nuturing local communities, and we are delighted to share. You can find an on-line document with volunteer shifts and food requests...

concept, lessons, staff, schedule, guerilla tango, pricing/registration,sponsor, housing, questions ,attendees , maps, transport

Guerilla Tango

We've been exploring ways to expose more people to Tango, and this weekend we're sharing some of out favorites with you. We're explore a few strategies: hit&run milonga, flash mob, tango parade... Past experience has led us to anticipate lots of smiles, some inspiration, and a renewed sense of purpose....

Here's a google map of the planned route so that you can connect with us enroute.

concept, lessons, staff, schedule, community, pricing/registration,sponsor, housing, questions ,attendees , maps, transport


Let's try something different. You can see in the chart below, the anticpated pricing based on this year's budget, but we understand each of you have different resources and circumstances. So during pre-registration, we invite you to pay the amount that is right for you for a full pass. Our projected overhead is $12,800 for the weekend, we are hoping for 80 full participants, which means $160 is our cost per partcipant at full registration. We imagine some of you are not able to pay that much, and others are able to pay more, so this is an experiment, if all 80 people paid $160 we break even, in order for some to pay less, others need to pay more. You might also consider that in order for the event to continue we need to do better then break should feel entirely welcome to pay the amount that's sustainable for your budget and for our budget :-). If you are in the fortunate position to pay more then our projected cost per person and would like to receive credit for a contribution to the cause, Ko-Arts is a non-profit organization (501c3) and we are happy to document your contribution for your tax reporting.


Using the link above you can register for a Stone Soup, full pass and contribute the amount thats right for you. We may publish the information to help others know what the typical contributions are, if you prefer your contribution amount to be unlisted, please let us know. Please note, private lesson contributions go directly to teacher compensation, we can not comfortably discount these beyond the prices shown below.


we've made every effort to keep this event as affordable as possible, without going broke. Full and Day passes include shared meals (see the schedule), if you plan to eat at the shared meals, you should bring food to contribute to the meals.

Menu of opportunities

Before April 1
After April 1 purchase online
Specialities...     (temporarily unavailable contact korey - or pay with the "contribute" link above)
Full Pass 185 200  
Day Pass - (Fri, Sat, Sun.) includes milonga 60 70  
A La Carte...      
brunch seminar (please stay for the practica after on fri. and sat.) 10 10  
soup session 5 5  
Daytime Seminar (3-5) 25 30  
evening workshop 15 15  
night milonga 10 15*  
evening class+milonga 20 25*  

private lessons 25min

30 35
3 lesson package (25 min. lessons) 80 95
private lesons 50 min 60 70
3 lesson (50s)package 165 190
 *$5 discount if you bring food or drinks to share!

Payment options: via check to Ko-Arts, 833 W. 39th Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64111. via paypal to (please note name, address, and what you are paying for). Questions?

concept, lessons, staff, schedule, community, guerilla tango, pricing/registration,sponsor, housing, questions ,attendees , maps, transport


Want to be a part of Stone Soup, but can't make it this year? Are you in a position to be able to help others enjoy this event? Perhaps you'd like your energy to be a contributing aspect of this year's event? One concrete way to do this is to sponsor a dancer to enjoy Stone Soup in your place. We're starting a fund for under-financed soup-sters and if you'd like to contribute, your contribution will allow others to enjoy Stone Soup on you behalf :)

It will work a little bit like a scholarship fund to make up the difference between what a dancer can afford and what the event costs. If you'd like to earmark funds for a specific dancer or nominate someone to receive sponsorhsip, feel free.

Any amount is appreciated. Please indicate any preferences/requests in the notes field, or send instructions via email. Your contribution is 100% tax deductible and we're happy to furnish a receipt upon request.

concept, lessons, staff, schedule, community, guerilla tango, pricing/registration,housing, questions ,attendees , maps, transport


View Tango Center Resources in a larger map


concept, lessons, staff, schedule, community, guerilla tango, pricing/registration,sponsor, housing, questions ,attendees ,

Who is coming....we've recieved confirmations, enrollments, or in some cases, just stated intentions from:

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Stone Soup Story

Stone Soup Story: there is a popular folktale that tells of a man who finds his cupboard and his stomach very empty. All he finds in the kitchen is a stone. But, being a clever fellow, he calls his friends and invites them for a special meal: "stone soup." Each friend should bring something to add to the soup. So the friends arrive with carrots, tomatoes, beans, meat, and so forth, and soon there is a delicious soup which they all enjoy together.

Many of us hunger for tango and find our local resources are meager. But when we gather together and share what we have we discover an abundance of tango joy. We add to this dance feast an opportunity to cooperate in sharing meals, music, inspiration, and guidance from some of the world's most repsected teachers, dancers, musicians and community builders. So if you hunger for tango, or endavor to nourish your local community, come and share with us, together well create something delicious!

concept, lessons, staff, schedule, community, guerilla tango, pricing/registration,sponsor, housing, questions ,attendees , maps, transport


In addition to local hotels listed below, there are Eugene Tangueros offering sleeping space to visiting dancers, if you are interested in a sleeping spot you can contact housing guru Tom Heneghan at There is also a google group you can post to for housing for Stone Soup.

Downtown Motel - 361 W 7th Avenue,Eugene, OR 97401, convenient to the Tango Center and $53 night!

EconoLodge Eugene

Nite Inn - $52, 1522 West 6th Ave, Eugene, OR, 97402

Express Inn and Suites

America's best value Inn

Travelor's Inn Motel

concept, lessons, staff, schedule, community, guerilla tango, pricing/registration,sponsor, housing, questions ,attendees , maps, transport


(in progress - please help....send you ideas, suggestions, questions)

In the spirit of the event, we've set up a google group for ride shares where you can self-organize carpooling to Stone Soup

Some of you will fly directly to Eugene which makes things pretty simple. To get from the airport to Stone Soup check out or 800.741.5097.

Others will fly in to Portland and find a way to Eugene these links may help:

The train is about $22 in advance, greyhound is as little as $13, but book early.

We are in the process of setting up a ride board for those who need or can offer transportation. Stay tuned, or contact Korey for more info. Events during Stone Soup we be pedestrian friendly.

24 hour taxi service in Eugene:

concept, lessons, staff, schedule, community, guerilla tango, pricing/registration,sponsor, housing, questions ,attendees , maps,

Questions and Answers:

  1. Where did this idea come from?
  2. Why are there so few workshops?
  3. How does the food work?
  4. What food should I bring?
  5. What happens on Thursday night?
  6. What are the workshop topics/levels?
  7. What is a Tango Jam?

Don't see your question/answer here? contact us!

1) Where did this idea come from?

Stone Soup is influenced by a format that is becoming popular in Europe. It begins with El Corte, in Nijmegen, Holland which is known around the world for its warm, communal atmosphere, fantastic dancing, and sense of belonging. An organizer in Totnes, England (Ruth Zimmerman) channeled this energy in her "Tango Mango" events featuring 6 days of open dance floor, with the opportunity for private lessons, group meals, and an evening class. The first mangos were completely unstructured in terms of food service, and the cooperative and spontaneous approach to meals proved to be a remarkable asset to the group experience. As the Mangos became more popular, other organizers brought the concept to their home towns. Southampton's TangoTangk, Barcelona's TangoNeta, Devon's TangoTribe, Lillehammer's WinterTango, all grow from this concept. Each community modifies the details to fit the style and priorities of the organizer but the open atmosphere, spontaneity, shared food, and private lessons have proven to be consistent and succesful components. In KC we're adding other elements as our resources allow. We have a slightly bigger staff to generate a lot of social dance energy, there is a strong music component, and since we have all these musicians and dancers gathered, we decieded to share the talent with a wider audience. But at the core, its still about filling our days with tango and working as a group to enjoy a memorable atmosphere of exploration, cooperation, and collaboration.

2) Why are there so few workshops?

We want to allow lots of time for people to dance, practice, and experiement in their own way. Hopefully the more structured work as a group inspires us to continue with our own experience, and the open time in the afternoon is intended to facilitate that. Its also nice to have the possibilty to involve more people and agendas then a fixed schedule could show. The open schedule also facilitates private lessons with the festival staff in an ideal structure where you can immediately practice and support the work of the lesson. We've seen dancers make tremendous personal progress in a format like this, and that creates a wonderful energy for the group as well.

3) How does the food work?

Participants are asked to bring food to share. There will some help from staff to faciliate, but ultimately its a group event, we are relying on dancers to help prepare, serve, and clean-up. Sharing responsibility for food is another way to involve people in the experience. Insted of handing participants a paper plate and pointing them to the buffet, we want to encourage those attending to create something they will enjoy, to share something with their friends, and to be a part of the experience, instead of just consuming....My own experience at similar events is that the meals become a great asset for the social dynamic of the group, and this in turns lends a nice flavor to the dancing.

4) What food should I bring?

Bring something you enjoy, that you'd like to share with the group. Your speciality. This is your opportunity to personalize the event! Our facility has a full kitchen with ovens and stove top, so warming/finishing/even cooking from scratch are possible. If you are visiting from out of town, bring something simple (frozen pizza, quiche, salad ingrediants, dressings, ready-to-eat desserts). This is somewhere between a potluck and culinary experiment. Each meal might feature one or two collaborative dishes, if you have a special idea you'd like to try (a soup, a curry, a pasta dish) we can announce it the day before and ask dancers to bring appropriate supplies. Salad, fruit, fresh bread are all easy and versatile contributions.

5) What happens on Thursday/Friday night?

stay tuned....plans are evolving with our relocationg to's the last month's answer :)

"Traditionally," Stone Soup opens with some public mischief. In Porltand, we plan to do this as part of the Thursday Arts walk in the Alberta Arts disctrict. We will do an outdoor "hit & run milonga" which is an unauthorized event, that may be forced to move around the area. The purpose is both to enjoy a little open-air dancing, and to market tango to a group that may find it appealing. We will have flyers on hand and invite passers-by to come check out the evening events. During the evening we also plan to do at least one "flash-mob" performance in an area gallery. The goal of the flash mob is a bit more theatrical, to have a lightening-strike event where tango appears out of thin and and evaporates again at the end of a song. "Strangers" find each other in a croweded room, square, gallery, bus station, etc, and dance a song (to the astonishment of onlookers) and then at the end of the song go back to their "normal" lives.

6) What are the workshop topics/levels?

The daytime classes are intended for experienced dancers. Experienced means something different to each, but in general, you should feel quite confident with the core vocabulary of the dance (walking in both systems, ochos, cross, turns) and have some experience with intermediate vocabulary (sacadas, boleos, paradas). If you are not sure about your level, feel free to ask. We hope to offer simultaneous classes in the evening, one of these more widely accessible, the other more advanced. Stay tuned for details.

7. What is a Tango Jam?

The idea is that musicians of a wide range of levels and knowledge of tango might enjoy creating tango music together. Ben Bogart has hosted Tango Jams in Providence for some time now and has a body of scores available to download. Several of the staff also play instruments, so these afternoon sessions should be lots of fun. Bring your instrument, check out the music on-line, or just come along to witness this event (or even dance a bit).

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